Sunday, February 24, 2013

UPDATE - Kiko Sugar Mat n°644

Wow two days in a row!! Yes I know! I have a bit more time now. I am changing my job, and untill now I was looking for a new one and now I have found it so I have a little more free time.

Today I'm going to show you the new thing in the polish world, the sandy gritty look. The shinny nail polish look is out, and these gritty new nail polishes are the Shit!

Kiko has come out with a new collection composed of 16 polishes - The Sugar Mat collection, all have this kind of finish, 8 are mats, with no sparkle or shimmer, and 8 other are sparkly and shimmery. So obviously I went for the sparkly ones. I bought 6 of them, and I'm going to present them each to you. They retail for 5€ at the kiko stores, and Fashion Polish has a 20% off coupon.

First up is n°644 a blue sparkle, with kind of silvery shimmer. I didn't think I would love these, but I do! It applies easily, just like a normal polish, dries pretty fast, and it is completely opaque in two coats.
It is a bit dificult to know when it's dry since you can't apply topcoat if you like the gritty aspect, but basically when it's at its grittiest, it's dry.

So here are the photos:

*UPDATE - I applied two coats of topcoat, and it is still not super leveled - this is a hungry glitter, so it is obviously not made to be covered with topcar.

Oh and if you were wondering if these get caught in your sweaters or other clothes, they don't.


  1. Stupid question, la asta mai dai cu top coat? Cat dureaza sa se usuce? Arata ff misto, oricum. The shieeet :))

    1. Am uitat sa zic in articol ca nu mai dai cu topcoat decat dc vrei sa devina lucios. Ceea ce ar fi si trebuit sa fac, ca sa va arat cum e cu top coat.

  2. This is very pretty, blue looks adorable on you!

  3. uuuuuh I can't wait to get my hands on these! love the look on you!

  4. Very pretty nail polish and it looks so beautiful on your nails!

  5. my favorite from this collection, be still my heart <3


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