Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seche Vite vs INM - Out the door

I recently purchased a bottle of INM Out the Door since I had heard so many good things about it. Sam from Fashion polish said this is the top coat she uses for her manis, and I saw a review on a blog I don't remember which one, about it, so I was convinced and had to try it.

Well you all know I'm a Seche Vite girl, but I thought to myself if I can find a topcoat, just as good as Seche but without the shrinking, it would be so so nice.

I am going to give them grades on shine, shrinking, and drying time, because for me these are the criteria that count.

1. On the shine I would have to say that the clear winner is Seche Vite, because it is definetly shinnier than INM. I had troubles with INM it left real ugly treaks on my nail polish - looky here on my China Glaze - Under the boardwalk what it did:

I find that very visible, and ugly, I know that a normal person can not see it, but to me it is so obvious. This is just like the Cult nails topcoat.

2. Onto the Shrinking, I have had some problems with Seche Vite, and it is really an issue, and the only issue I have with Seche, but I have found some ways to get less shrinkage, and control it in some mesure, but with some brands it just does that - I'm looking at you Zoya!

I had heard that with INM there was no shrinking, well I still had some, less than with Seche, but still there, and still noticeble to me a polish freak.

3. And for the last criteria, drying time -  I found that Seche Vite was a winner too, because although the difference is not enormeous, there is a difference.

The grades are below and as you can see, for me Seche is a clear winner, and I surely waisted my money on INM, because I so hate the streaks I will never use it, just like with my Cult nails topcoat.

Shine Shrinking    Drying time
Seche Vite 10 5 10
INM - Out the door 3 7 9


  1. So sorry it didn't work out for you. I didn't notice the streaks back when I had it. And I had no shrinkage at all with INM. The problem was that it thickened in time and I wasn't able to use the last 1/4 from the bottle. That is the main reason I use SV now. Because I can thin it with Seche Restore whenever I want, since they both have toluene. I even considered trying out Poshe but I gave up for the same reason.

    1. Posche apparently smells really bad, so I think you should stick with Seche

  2. Seche Vite was my holy Grail, I'm using now Poshe and I love it, it has not toluene. I don't feel the bad smell on Poshe ;)

  3. Since i saw this video the seche vite lost everything for me...
    I will finish the bootle that i have, but probably i won't buy it anymore... :S

    1. Toluene can cause harm to the unborn child if the mother is exposed to large amounts, such
      as during glue sniffing. I don't think that in such small quantities it is harmfull. And for the moment I am not pregnant, when I will be I will stop doing my nails for that period.

    2. The part that really concerned me was the part that says: reproductive harm...
      But i guess is a personal choice... Here in Portugal we have a top coat, just as good, so i guess i'll pass seche vite ;)

    3. I don't have another option, but if you can recomend I will surely see if I can get it here.


      It's really great... glossy, fast drying, love it...

    5. And this really works? does not leave any streking like the one from INM?

    6. Yeah never mind they don't ship in France.


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