Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gold accent nail with Essie - Bikini so Teeny

Today I am on a relax weekend normally. Because I'm sure that when my husband comes back, he'll have us do something, because he's got not one to sit around on a weekend.

Untill then I am taking advantage and posting this. It's a nail polish I bought in the hope of seeing the pretty shimmer that you see in the bottle, on the nail. It is part of the summer collection I think, and it is a blue lavender cream, with white shimmer inside.

The formula was a bit runny for my taste, but ok, the application is ok, and it only took 2 coats to get opacity. But on the nail the shimmer is not visible, not even in sunlight, you can barely see it if you look very closely.

I love the color, but if it hadn't been for the shimmer, I would probably have not purchased it. Anyway I thought of doing an accent nail, with China Glaze I'm not lion glitter. This is part of the Safari collection, and it was my only choice from that collection. It is a pretty gold and holo glitter. I absolutely love this one, and I think I will do a full mani with this one.


  1. essie looks nice, but that lion is super gorgeous *.*

  2. I love I'm Not Lion! And I know what you mean about the shimmer not showing. I think it still looks pretty on you though. :)

    1. It is pretty but i I had known the shimmer was not going to show, I would not have bought it. It is too much like other colors that I already have


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