Saturday, September 1, 2012

China Glaze - Under the boardwalk

Hey everyone, I've been pretty busy lately, busy bee, work and other stuff (like playing Hay Day- Essie Button got me addicted to this).

The nail polish today is another one from the Neon collection, and this one is a jelly neon, a pretty dark fuchsia color. I really loved this one. I bought it because it looks very much like the nailpolish I had on my toes. I had my pedi done in a salon, with a Jessica nailpolish, that looked amazing, and don't really remember the name, so I bought this China Glaze, which I love, but it is not the same, because the Jessica was a cream, and had a lot more fullness to it. But it comes very close.

I applied 2 coats, and it became almost opaque, so I left it like that. Later I added an accent nail using Milani one coat glitter - Silver Dazzle. I loved the way the colors mixed together, but I had to go and do something more to it - I stamped a design from my Bundle Monster plate BM 201, and special konad polish. On top of that ( I know it's a bit much) I added a coat of Sally Hansen Set the stage and here are the results:

And a bonus photo of Mumu, who right now is haracing me to give him his food, I can barely right this post, with him on my arm.


  1. I think your mani turned out great! I love the stamping. And Mumu looks so cute! Especially his little pink paws. :)

  2. OMG, your cat is amazing. I love it!!
    I also love your manicure. Great combination, and prefect choice of design =)

  3. Those are so pretty colors! I'd love to try this!!!

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