Friday, September 7, 2012

L'oreal - Perle de Jade & Easy Nail art

I was at Auchan the other day and saw these on the counter, and also noticed they were 1€ cheaper than in Monoprix, so 6€. I love the bottles and find the colors really pretty so I chose two more.

This one is a mint green cream, really beautiful color, and I find it very summery!
It went on kind of streaky on the first coat, but the second coat fixed everything, and made it opaque.

There is not much else to say about it, I have already reviewed this brand her
I think this color is part of their summer collection, along with some lipglosses, but since I don't really care for lipglosses ( I'm more of a lipstick gal), I bought only this color.

Since I don't have much time on my hands, I thgouht I'd do an easy nail art, with my dotting tools. This is a manicure that's been going around the Polish world. All you need is a dotting tool, or a toothpick, and the nailpolish of your choice. 

Here are the photos:
The nailpolish in natural light, no sunlight

This is the nailpolish, in the sunlight

These are my dotting tools bought on

And this is my very easy nail art.


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