Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flormar U234

There's not much to say about this polish, just your basic work appropriate polish. I really don't like it, but I had a meeting, and I couldn't go wearing black.

This is a frosty finish, in a barely orange color, tending a lot toward beige.
It was two coats, and the wear was not teribble, I didn't have any chips, but it wore on the tips pretty quickly.

 I bought this polish on sale in Romania, it cost less than 1€, so it's super good quality for the price I paied. 


  1. Love the color :). I have a new stand near me and soon they will open a store near me :). Kiss

    1. Thanx not a fan of thz color, but I love the brand.

  2. God your nails are absolutely amazing - not sure the colour is my favourite but I want to steal your nails haha.

    Lela - www.lelalondon.com - Editor and Stylist


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