Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stash post - Dior

Since you so liked my first stash post, I thought I'd show you my Dior stash. It's not so big as the Essie stash, but hey Dior polishes are like 3 times the price of an Essie.

Dior polishes are my favourite among all the high end polishes. I have about 3 Chanels but I don't find them that good, the brush is way too thin, and the polish does not last that much.

Dior on the other hand has a wide brush, is very resistant, and the colors are at times very original.
Here are the photos:
Timeless Gold, Or tzarine, Shadoq, Purple Mix, Blue Label, St. Tropez, Nirvana, Aloha, The rock coat

St Tropez is a limited edition polish, from this summer, that I searched for a long time for. It was only sold in some retail shops, I found mine at the Galleries Lafayette.

The Rock coat is a top coat, that turns every polish  into a darker version of themselves. 
You can find swatches if you click on the Dior tag on the side bar on the right.


  1. We have such expression: "well to you I envy", that is I rejoice together with you
    You have chosen from all Dior most better

  2. You've got more Dior than I do! Cause I have none, lol. They're all so pretty!


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