Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OPI ski teal we drop & Save me

Back when I thought I would never be able to find OPI elsewhere but Sephora at a wopping price of 14€, I placed a panic order on Transdesign, buying some of the oldies but goodies. Ski teal we drop is amongst them.

It's a dark teal almost green blue creamm
I found it a bit hard to apply, I don't know if the brush was a bit wonky, or the formula a bit thick, I tend to blame it on the brush, althoug OPI has never let me down brushwise until now.

Anywhoo, after I finally applied two coats, I loved the color!!!
It's opaque in two coats, and the color is very rich.

I am actually really into accent nails, so I used OPI Save me, from the Nicki Minaj collection - the only one I purchased from that collection.

Hope you like it, by the way my nails are exfoliating like crazy, don't know what's wrong, so I trimmed them down. But my cuticules are doing better.


  1. I love this combo, your nails are looking really good!

  2. Save me looks gorgeous over a dark base polish...!!! I have wear it over a salmon polish but it's not the same...

  3. Ski Teal We Drop is beautiful! And I looove Save Me.

    1. Ski teal we drop is hard to remove, especially from the cuticules.

  4. E super tare culoarea asta. O am si eu - printre primele mele OPI-uri ;)

  5. OPIs are really expensive here in EU, aren't they? This teal is really deep and intense! The combo with that bar glitter is amazing BTW, I should try accent nails, too. Actually I read somewhere this mani was meant to point out a "free" ring finger and let others know the person was not engaged to anyone, but in our case it would be a "married" accent :-P!

    1. I know they abuse. Don't know why we are the only suckers that pay 14€ for e Revlon lipstick, and so on.
      I had no idea that it meant that the accent nail.


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