Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some birthday presents

Hey everyone!
Sorry I couldn't post my camera was away in Martinique with my husband!
So I couldn't tell you that for my birthday which was the 22nd of february, I got some great presents from my friends.
I won a giveaway on Carolina's blog coincidentaly around my birthday so I consider this a birthday gift too. I won two Revlon polishes but she is such a nice person, and sent me one more, that she knew I loved too - a sinfull colors.

Look how pretty they are!! Can't wait to try them now that I got my camera back.
Thank you Carolina!!!

Next is a present I got from my friend Dora in Italy! They sell Layla polishes over there and I asked her to get me some, and she offered them to me as a gift for my birthday!
These have the prettiest shimmer in them. And are a lot bigger than I imagined. I am duying to try these out too. They are my first Layla's.
Thank you Dora!!

Another gift I got from my friend Ange back in Romania is this CK polish that is actually super pretty but you can't really see it in the picture. It's a bit duochrome also. There on the left you can kind of see the green in it.

Thank you Ange!!

Next is a present from my friend Cristina in Toulouse. She offered me my first BB Couture polishes! I love them both and I can't wait to try them.

One is BB Couture for Men, and one from the womand line.
Thank you Cristina!!

And I made myself some presents too:
These are Black polka dots and Gem

Dior Shadow
So that is about it!
Thanx for watching!
 HAppy mother's day!

And I leave you with a photo my husband took in Martinique. 


  1. Thanks Ruxi!!
    La multi ani si tie! doar e si ziua femeii nu doar a mamei :D
    Te pup si astept noi postari :)

  2. Happy (late) Birthday :)You got some really nice polishes :)

  3. You got some nice polishes. Can't wait to see your swatches. :)

  4. Yay!! Nice birthday haul.
    Can't wait to see your pretty swatches.

  5. La multi ani de 8 Martie!!Super ojele!Nicole

  6. So many pretties to play with :-)

  7. Ruxi ce de oje ai primit, asteptama cum postarile cu fiecare din ele :* , Floriana

  8. PS: Vreau si eu in Martinique :D

  9. Hey!! I come from martinique!! He often come?


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