Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Naked palette Urban Decay - review

I know you've probably seen this like a million times before, but you will see my version too.
I bought this a while back, and I didn't do a review. It is one of the best sellers in this type of product, and I get why. The palette has very nice and natural colors and every lady can find it's hapiness in it.

It contains 12 colors, and goes from very light to very dark brown toned eye shadows. It has two highlighters, one color that can be used as eye liner, and lots of other eye shadows.

I like it because I can use almost every color in it, and the pigments are just right on almost each color. There are one or two colors that have some glitter in it, that kind of falls of the lid, but that's not in every one of them.

The palette came with a brush that I really love, it's a flat brush for applying eye shadow. I already had one, but hey this one is usefull too. One thing I hate about it is the exterieur lining, it's made of this material that picks up every bit of filth it finds, so even your fingers can make it dirty. I really wish they could have covered it in something else. But I think this is the thing everyone complains about.

All in all I consider it a good palette and worth the price it was 32€ for 12 colors, that is 2.67€/color so much cheapper than buying one only. If you like to put on make up every day this is defenitly a good investement. I don't own the new one, but I think I would rather have bought that one, if it was out when I got mine.

Here are the photos:

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