Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Essie - School of hard rocks

Heeeeeey!! I missed you!! I am so sorry for the long pause. I have been super busy with moving out, moving in, unpacking, putting together Ikea furniture, cleaning, and other work stuff. And I am not done yet. So for a while the posts will still be scarce.

I found a little time today to show you one of the winter collection Essies - that is an all creams collection.

This is a dark mutted green, leaning towards gray.

I applied two coats, and it was easy, and a bit runny, but actually pretty good formula.

Don't mind the state of my nails, and fingers, I have had my nails naked for a couple of weeks, they broke, and exfoliated, etc because of the excessive cleaning products, and dust and other stuff. My hands are also super dry, because I could not moisturize, I had already packed my creams and stuff and it took some time, to unpack them.

The photos aren't great either, because my husband broke my natural light light bulb, and we've had no sun in like a week.

So here are the photos


  1. Magic shade! I so am glad that too have bought it. While there is no time to make up, so though I will admire yours swatches

  2. Lovely colour...I wonder if it is similar to a Kiko I own.
    BTW moving is so bad for nails and skin. Last August I did that, too and macro pictures of my cuticles and nails are scary!
    Yours are not that bad, believe me!
    Be back as soon as you can :-)

  3. Gorgeous color!!! Like seriously, so pretty! Looks great on you:)

  4. Antallex thanx so much
    Ally Thanx but now I am back to nubbins I am really not happy. I keep bumping into stuff, breaking my nails.
    Kelly Thank you I am not such a fan but it's not the ugliest thing I own either.

  5. I haven't seen any of this collection in person yet--looking forward to it, as I tend to like colors like this.

  6. Ooooh I really like this color, its GORG and looks really good on you! Great swatch!


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