Friday, October 28, 2011

China Glaze - Flip flop fantasy & Cult Nails treatments

I know this is more of a summer color, but I really like neons.

This one is part of the China Glaze 2010 Poolside collection, and I got this one this summer along with Pool Party but never got to wear it on my vacation, and then my nails broke, and I thought on nubbins it wouldn't look that good, and then I had to move and then...........

Anyways its turn came up, and I am not sorry I bought it.
This one is a bright neon coral pink, it took three coats to get rid of those bald spots. I think the formula got be better, but seeing the gorgeous color on my finger tips makes me forget all that.

I have also been testing out Maria's from Cult Nails base coat and top coat.
Maria was super sweet and sent me a nail polish as a gift with them but unfortunately I already had it - it's Iconic and you can find the swatch here. Maria even sent me a little note ! She is so sweet!

The base coat has not been tested enough, and I can't really make a difference between base coats. I just know that Seche base coat is crap.

On to the top coat, I've noticed it is easy to apply, the consistency is just right, and it doesn't shrink the polish. It also dries super fast, as fast as Seche, but the one thing I do not like it's that it's not selfleveling, and leaves a bit of streking on the polish.

I used the Wicked Fast top coat on this swatch, you can see from the pictures that the nail polish is not very leveled.

Here are the photos

Love the wrapping!


  1. Maria is so sweet!
    Flip flop fantasy is a great color.
    I will wear it for any season.

  2. Very pretty the china glaze colour


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