Monday, October 31, 2011

Zoya Anja & Essie Carry on

Hey hey everybody!!
First off let's wish Carolina from Colores de Carol a happy birthday because today it's her birthday!!
Happy Birthday Carolina!!

Now today is a double post, two polishes from this years fall collections.
First up is Zoya Anja, that is part of the Smoke&Mirrors 2011 fall collection. It's dark red cream.

I really thought that this would be unique in my collection, but it actually isn't. I was really dissapointed by this polish, the application is sloppy, it's too liquid, and you think you got enough of it on your brush, but it always is too much, and starts sliding down the brush, and messes up your mani. The second thing I didn't like about it, was that it srunk horribly with Seche. I had such a hard time cleaning up after this and then when I applied the top coat it shrunk, and it looked all messy again. Really really not loving this one!

The color is great, and the mani was decent overlooking the shrinking, for about 3 days.

Here are the photos: I am wearing two coats of Zoya Anja and a coat of Seche vite:

Next up is Essie Carry on, which had a much nicer application, the formula is better, and the polish is not so gloopy. This was a mini and the brush is not top notch on the mini Essies. This too is a dark red cream.

I applied two coats for perfect opacity and had no problem with the application, but the wear was really not what one would expect from an Essie. After two days my mani looked like this: it had a lot of tip wear because on everythinbg I touched I left a trace, and it was full of scratches, don't know why, because I didn't touch anything for a long time after I did my nails.

And I also did a little comparison because it was needed.

So as you can see there is not much difference, the Essie is a little lighter and more on the purple side, but honestly can you really tell the difference?

So don't buy both!



  1. Close enough for me! I'm happy to say I only have the Essie (though I know I have others very similar, so need to weed those out of my stash at some point).

  2. Thank you for the comparison. I don't own either one yet!

  3. So dark and pretty!


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