Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is part of their limited edition Chic Chalet - Frozen Nail Laquer

All of the polishes in this collection  that is a number of 6 have a frosty look. I didn't flash on any of them, this one was the only one that nearly got my attention.

They have different caps, they are golden, which I don't like, makes them look like the cheap nail polish my mother used to buy when I was little.

The formula is as good as usual, the polish is a black cream with black blueish shimmer.

This was 3 coats, and application was really ok. As you can see the photos are still crap, and my cuticles the same, these were taken in the midst of renovation.


  1. I hadn't heard anything about this collection until your post--wonder why they went with gold caps; I like their regular ones better.

  2. Beautiful.... I love Kiko polishes.

  3. Karen they don't advertise, and I heard about this collection from a fellow blogger who went by their store and found the collection.
    Carolina thank you!

  4. These polishes belong to a "special" LE: Chic Chalet, and cost 1€ more than standard polish, but I'm not that excited about this "frozen", how they call it, finish. Maybe I'll try them in case they are on sale :-) anyway this one (Iced Black) is quite nice!

  5. Here the normal line is 2.5€ and the LE are 4.9€. And I am not a fan of these polishes either.


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