Monday, August 29, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent - Wintergreen

I found this at Douglas in Rouen this weekend, visiting my in-laws, and I think this is part of the new fall collection - Jardin de Minuit, along with a blue polish, that looks a lot like Dior Tuxedo.
But it was this one that got my attention, because it is such a unique color, something I've never seen before.
It's a dark forest green, with lighter and brighter green shimmer.
I like everything about this polish, even the brush, this is the first highend polish that I actually like the brush, Chanel brushes suckk big time in my opinion, Dior suck a little less, but this one is perfect, it's like Zoya brushes.
I love the formula it is just the right consistency, and application is effortless. It was opaque in two coats, and the finish is perfect, selfleveling and all.
And I love the bottle, in the store, the sample was a lot smaller, and that's why I thought the polishes will be the same size, but they are almost double the size.
Anyhow here are the photos, which don't do this polish justice. If you would like to know the price in France it is sold for around 21€. click to enlarge so you can see the shimmer better.


  1. Very pretty! I don't have any YSL polishes but they look amazing. I really like the bottles too- very elegant & chic :)

  2. C'est joli! Je pense que t'as raison, on voit pas la vrai couleur sur les photos. La couleur sur les ongles parait un peu différent de celle dans la bouteille. Et ça m'a l'air plus bleu que vert. Mais très joli en tout cas! Et YSL c'est classe!

  3. It magnificent, deep, bewitching! Has written down in wish-list


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