Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection preview

Hey everyone!!
I have some good news for you today!
Illamasqua is launching a new collection and it will include 4 new nail polish shades:

Taint - Stone Brown
Kink - Bottle Green
Vice - Deep Cerise
Faux Pas - Blue Violet

These are supposed to be mattes or as they are called in the PR release "rubber-look" polishes.

These are the official photos of this collection. Click to enlarge so you can see the texture of the nail polish. the site of the brand is this : www.illamasqua.com
Do you have any Illamasquas? Are they as good as you hoped?
Hope you enjoy this new collection.


  1. OMG.
    What a sad pictures.
    They are as they claim themselves:"ILL"(amasqua).
    I don't have any Illamasqua poishes and with these commercial pictures, never will I buy.

  2. Ce sa zic bitch faci ce vrei. Dar chiar sunt misto. Cele doua pe care mi le-am luat imi plac ff mult.

  3. I always like Ilamasqua promotion photos, they look so special. But I don't have any polish, because they're so expensive. I wonder how will look these polishes in RL, on these photos colors are really interesting.

  4. Thanks for sharing!


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