Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Illamasqua - Stagnate

Since I was talking about Illamasqua earlier, well I thought I'd show you the one I most liked from the two I ordered.
I thought I'd like the other one better, but this one sneaked up on me.

It's a chocolate brown cream. I love it, I used to think colors like this don't looks good on me, but this one I really like, even on my nubbins.

This was two coats, and as you can see it is totally opaque. I wore it for the whole weekend and I had no chips and no tip wear. I am actually quite impressed with this one.

So here are the photos. Not my best photos ever, and I just saw that I have a huge Mumu hair on one of my fingers.


  1. I don't have words, perfectly well!
    At us this mark is inaccessible, but I want it!

  2. I didn't thought it could have been so beautiful, I really like it on your nails!

  3. I never tire of seeing shades like this. So chic!


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