Monday, August 15, 2011

Dior - St. Tropez

Hey everyone!!
Sorry for the long hiatus, but I've been on vacation, I was really worn out!! I had absolutely no time to update the blog, because I was off doing stuff each and every day of the vacation.
I went to the Island of Kos in Greece, and then back home.
And for the nail polish news, I have for you today a long time lemming of mine - this is a limited edition Dior, for the summer 2011. I had been looking for it on their site, I had even an alarm set up, but each time that it announced me it was back in stock when I looked it was already sold out.
So I decided to try my luck in the Galleries LaFayette before leaving for Greece, and I struck gold!!
It was a bit more expensive than on the web, but at least I have it now it is mine!!
This is a turquoise blue, looks a lot like Chine Glaze For Audrey in the bottle, but I did a comparison, and it's not that alike on the nail.
This is a cream polish, and it takes two coats to get it opaque.
I did a comparison with Misa dirty sexy money and China Glaze For Audrey.
Here are the photos:


  1. Sooo pretty ! I really love these kinds of colors :) I haven't seen this one sold at any of the Dior counters around here...

  2. Thanx Tasha I think this is a limited edition only sold on the net and some stores, I think you can check where it is sold.
    Toyomi - thank you so much

  3. Gorgeous color!
    I'm loving these turquoise colors lately! Need to get more :D


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