Monday, August 15, 2011

Essie - Looking for love

I am now making up for lost time, and also tomorrow I won't be posting I think, because I am away on business.
This is a polish I won on Karen's giveaway. It looks like a very subtle lavender cream in the bottle. But it is actually a lavender jelly, I have noticed this about a lot of nude polishes from Essie.
I applied 4 coats of this to get a nearly opaque look, but still didn't make it. Anyway after 4 coats I had had about enough, so I have up. I still have some VNL but hey this is just how it is with jellies.
I will be wearing this to work tomorrow because my boss has no idea about my addiction to nail polish, and the crazy shades I can sometimes wear. And since I know you missed Mumu here's a photo of him, in the sun. He was so crazy yesterday when we got home, he must have been bored out of his mind all alone at home for two weeks ( don't be scared there was somebody coming by to see him, but he is used to me being there all the time).
Sorry about the red spots on the ring finger, they come from the Seche Vite brush.


  1. It's nice color, but too bad, that it needs four coats.

  2. Yeah I know It gets to be a bit too much on the third one.

  3. I adore such shades!!! Thanks for наводку, necessarily to myself I will get, it simply ideal. Also at Essie quality more than arranges

  4. I love how delicate this looks. 3 coats would still be worth it, but 4... hmm... it is gorgeous though.

  5. really nice calm color, great pics.. and the kitteh shouldn't smoke haha

  6. Manicured Monkey thanx, and I told him to quit but he is too stuborn
    ABOP - thank you I guess it could do without the forth coat, but I saw some improvement even on the forth one.
    Antallex, thank you.
    And as a general observation that I failed to put in the blog post - it is ideal for people who don't like strong colors.


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