Friday, July 20, 2012

L'oreal - Rebel blue n°610

This is the other L'oreal polish I was telling you about yesterday. It's a strong blue, with blue shimmer inside.
This one was a one coater, but I chose to add another. I found it a bit more goowy than the other one, but still had no troubles on the application.

The shimmer in this is very visible in sunlight, less in the shadow, but it is still there.
I love the color, and a blogger colegue Mihaela from Romania, told me these are on sale at DM, for 9 lei. So I will buy more when I go there, because that is like 2€, so you can see the difference  France 7€ because we can, and Romania 2€.

Deci oameni buni luati-va ojele astea de la DM, ca Mihaela de la lacquerbuzz imi spune ca sunt la reducere la 9 lei. 

Here are the photos:


  1. I was very disappointed yesterday because I went to one of the DM's here and they only had reds and pinks. But maybe the other DM's have colors like this one too! And the Kendra shops also have them for about 13 lei, which is still a lot cheaper than 7 euros.

    1. I think the 2 I bought are new shades. Maybe in a few weeks, they be in the DM store near you.

    2. I hope so because this blue is gorgeous!

    3. keeping my fingers crossed for you and for me. BEcause I want to buy a lot of these when I go back to Romania

  2. gorgeous color, i saw it on a display but these polishes are too expensive for such a tiny bottle :-(
    maybe on a sale, one day...

  3. I love the polish you layered it over! Great combo! It's so bright I just love it. <3


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