Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Calvin Klein - Opus & Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

This polish was a present from my friend Ange for my birthday. It's a Calvin Klein polish, that looks almost red in the bottle. On the nail though it's totally a different story. It looks a bit black and only in the sunlight you can see the shimmer.

This is a black jelly base with red shimmer in it. I applied 2 coats but still had bald spots, the formula was a bit glooppy too, hard to manage. Overall I did not like the nail polish. I don't know in terms of durability because I took it off the next day, I found it a bit ugly. Sorry Ange! I have to be honest.

I applied Max Factor Fantasy Fire over it to see how it looks over a dark polish, and I really like it, although, this color brings out more the green part in Fantasy Fire, the previous one was all about the pink.

I've decided to leave the photos small because of the hideous cuticules I have in these pictures, that I only noticed now, when I started working on them, and it's too late to take new pictures. If you really want to see them upclose you can click on the picture, but be warned.


  1. I really love these types of colors! Gorgeous, vampy and lit from within. I don't think this is ugly at all. It would be perfect for winter. Sorry about the formula. Maybe some thinner would help.

    1. I should have taken a photo of it in the shade so you can see, but I didn't think about that

  2. On the 5th photo the shimmer looks amazing. I still have to wear my Fantasy Fire.


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