Friday, July 6, 2012

Carlo di Roma nail polish n°03

Hey hey, heyy!!
I've been really busy!! Went in 3 different cities this week, so I am beat.

Quick update on the contest: everything is going well, voting continues untill the 15th of july. Hope you all get a chance to vote.

Now onto the nail polish, it is a brand I haven't heard of, I got here at the market for like 1€, and I guess for that price it's not a bad deal.

I had to apply 3 coats because it wouldn't become opaque, but I did it finally. It chipped in two days, but hey what did I expect for 1€???

Othewise it's a very pretty pink cream, and it shines nicely.
 What do you think? Do you own any of these?


  1. All nail polishes, no matter how cheap or expensive they sell on the market, cost a few pennies to produce. So 1 euro for a bottle is actually a fair price to pay. Do not judge the cosmetics by their price only - this is probably the first big mistake we all make. I have dozens of nail polishes which I bought for around 1 euro per piece and some of them are as good, some even better, than the expensive ones.

    1. I don't really base my reviews only on price, I even said in the review that for how much it costs it's a pretty good polish, but it's not the best either.


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