Sunday, July 1, 2012

Contest entries

Hey hey everyone!!
I got 8 contest entries, all of them super pretty. So I wish them all good luck, and so present them to you. I will put a poll on the side bar so you can vote, and the poll will end on the 15th of july.

You can vote for your two favourites  only one time 

Here are the contestants in an aleatory order:
1. Alexandra is a blogger too she is from Romania and here is her entry:

You can check out more of her manis on her blog, which I love -

2. Aly who is also a blogger from Italy, and here is her entry:

She has a blog also and I love it too -

3.Sarah is also a blogger I think from the United states, but I am not sure. Here is her entry:
If you want to see more check out her blog -

4.Bernarda is a new blogger I think, and here is her entry:
If you like it check out her blog too -

5.Nail crazy has a blog with the same name and this is her entry:

Her blog is amazing too -

6. Carolina is a blogger from the USA, and here is her entry:
 Check out her wonderfull blog -

7.Ivana is a blogger from Slovenia and here is her entry:

For more of her manis go to her blog -

8. And last but not least Cristina is another blogger from Romania who submited this mani:

And this is her wonderfull blog -


  1. Amazing manis!
    Good luck to all the contestants...! ;-)

  2. I made it with my last last minute entry :-)
    I love each different interpretation of the gradient theme!

  3. Great gradient nails. Good luck everyone!

  4. Great manicure, Alexandra! Love it!

  5. Very lovely entries! Good luck to everyone :)


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