Friday, May 18, 2012

My OPI stash

This is I think the biggest stash I have - about 50. This was the brand that got my obsession started. The first OPI nail polish I ever bought was You don't know Jaques. It was such a weird shade of nail polish, I had never seen something like it before. I tried it in the store, and I loved the way this weird shade looked on me.

 So here are the stash photos: check under the photo if you want to see their names.

Gone Gonzo!, I don't give a rotterdam!, Suzi says feng shui, Ski teal we drop, Turquoise shatter, Russian navy Suede, Cuckoo for this color

French quarter for your thoughts, Suzi takes the wheel, Uh-ph roll down the window, A-taupe over the space needle, You don't know Jaques, I brake for manicures

Are we ther yet?, My address is Hollywood, I eat mainly lobster, Big hair, big nails, Guy meets gal veston, A oui bit of red, Got the blues for red

Y'all come back ya hear?, Hoodoo Voodoo, Red shatter, Houston we have a purple, Manicurist of Seville, Let me entertain you, Color to diner for

Dutch'ya just love OPI, DS Extravagance, Honk if you love OPI, Teas-y does it, Get in the expresso lane, My private jet

Road house blues, Play 'till midnight, Yoga-ta get this blue, Navy shatter, Black shatter

Tickets to paradise, It's totally fort worth it, Banana Bandanna, Green-wich Village, Jade is the new black, Brand new skates, Here today aragon tomorrow
Shim-merry chic, Save me, Silver shatter, white shatter, blue shatter

The one that got away, Teenage dream, Last friday night, Just like the moovies


  1. That is a lovely collection! OPIs are great :)

  2. Wow, I love all the colors you have! Is your My Private Jet the original version? :)

  3. This is a great collection. I think I have only 4 OPI's. But it true, that they're very expensive by us, 13 €, and I haven't done any swap for them. I bought all on sale. But I see some shades in yo stash, I would love to have. :)

  4. awesome collection! i don't have too many OPIs yet, i started my collection off with china glaze (:


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