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Small nail polish finish dictionary - Dictionar de diferite tipuri de finisare a ojelor.

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Buna tuturor!

I decided to do this post because I find that a lot of people don't know what to expect from a certain nail polish, and how to obtain the best effect from it.
M-am hotarat sa fac aceasta postare pentru ca observ ca multa lume nu stie la ce sa se astepte de la o oja si cum sa obtina efectul maxim din ea.

1.Let's start with normal creams - these are the classic shades, that can be found in all kind of colors, and have a normal shine once applied corectly in two coats. They are all opaque in two coats maximum. A perfect example is Essie Bobbing for Baubles.
Sa incepem cu finishul cream - acesta se refera la nuantele clasice, se gasesc intr-o multitudine de culori, si au un luciu normal odata ce sunt aplicate corect in doua straturi, de asemenea trebuiesc sa fie complet opace in maxim doua straturi. Un exemplu perfect este Essie- Bobbing for Baubles. 

2. The one that derives from creams are jellies. On these the finish is a bit more shinny than the creams, because it appears translucid, and they are rarely opaque. If you have to use 3 coats and it is still not opaque it's definitely a jelly. Flormar n° 28 is a good example - see how I still have VNL?
Un finish derivat din cream este jelly. Sunt mai lucioase decat cele cream, pentru ca par translucide, datorita faptului ca sunt rar opace. Daca ati folosit 3 straturi si tot nu e opac e clar ca e un jelly. Flormar numarul 28 e un exemplu bun - vedeti cum se vede inca partea alba a unghiei?

3. The shimmer finish is basically a cream filled with shimmer, just like what we find in eye shadows. They are opaque in two coats, and come in all variations of colors and shimmers. An example is OPI - My address is Hollywood. These too have the same shine as creams.
Finisarea sidefata (cum o chemam noi in Romania) este la baza o oja gen cream umpluta cu sidef cam ca ce se gaseste in fardurile sidefate. Acestea sunt opace in 2 straturi si se gasesc in toate combinatiile de culori si de sidef. Un exemplu este OPI - My address is Hollywood. Si acestea au acelasi luciu ca finishul cream.

4. Foils are metallic colors. They are opaque in two coats, and have natural shine. These come in all colors. An example is Dior - Timeless Gold.
Foil sunt culorile metalice. Sunt de asemenea opace in 2 straturi si au luciu normal. Vin in toate nuantele. Un exemplu este Dior-Timeless Gold. 

Or Nicole by OPI - Miss Independant - a pink foil.
Sau Nicole by OPI - Miss Independant - un foil roz.

5.Flakie - is a very popular trend nowdays, and it is basically a jelly polish, filled with these bits of flakies in different sizes, and different colors, that are duochrome. These are rarely opaque, since they are jellies, and I usually use them as a top coat, to give a different effect to another polish. They are normally shinny. A great example is Barielle's Elle's Spell which after 4 coats was still not opaque.
Flakie - este foarte la moda acum, si este de fapt o oja jelly plina de bucatele de nu stiu cum sa le numesc, sa zicem folie, care sunt in general duocrome. Sunt rar opace, pentru ca sunt jelly, si eu de obicei le folosesc ca un strat suplimentar sa dau un alt efect unei oje cu finish cream sau shimmer. Sunt in mod normal lucioase. Un exemplu foarte bun este Barielle - Elle's spell care dupa 4 straturi tot nu era opac.

 6. Matte- is a cream finish with no shine. It's kind of like the finish you see on some cars now.
It's opaque in two coats normally, and it does not need a shinny top coat, because it is meant to be like that. Just like this Peggy Sage
Aspectul mat este o oja cream fara luciu. Este ceva gen vopseaua aceea care este la moda acum pentru masini. Ojele acestea sunt opace in 2 straturi si nu au nevoie de top coat, pentru ca asa trebuie sa fie fara luciu. Ca acest Peggy Sage.

There is also a top coat that can make all polishes matte. Almost every nail polish brand has one. I use Essence Matte top coat. You can find an example bellow.
Exista de asemenea un top coat, care transforma orice oja in oja mata. Aproape toate marcile de oje au un astfel de top coat. Eu folosesc Essence Matte top coat. Un exemplu mai jos.
The nail polish originally/ Oja in starea ei initiala 
After applying the matte top coat/ Dupa aplicarea top coatului mat
7. Duochrome is a nail polish that is generaly opaque in two coats, and that changes color depending on the light you look at it. It has a shinny normal finish. Like Orly Royal velvet.
Cameleonurile sunt oje care sunt in mod normal opace in 2 straturi, si care isi schimba culoarea in functie de lumina din care sunt privite. Au o finisare lucioasa in mod normal. Ca Orly Royal Velvet

8. Holo finish is a polish that when you look at it in the sun it becomes like a rainbow. It's opaque in two coats or maybe 3 and works better if you apply it directly on the nail, without any base coat, or with a holo special base coat. These polishes are very expensive, because they contain some special particules, that apparently cost more than other nail polish ingredients. That is why not many companies choose to make this kind of finish. These are normaly shinny. Like this Milani Hi-tech.
Finisarea holografica poate fi recunoscuta uitandu-te la ea in soare- va aparea ca un mic curcubeu pe unghiile tale. Ojele de acest gen sunt opace in 2 sau 3 straturi si aplicarea e mai usoara daca este facuta direct pe unghie fara strat de baza, sau peste o baza speciala pentru acest tip de oje, care se gaseste in vanzare doar la unele marci care fabrica acest tip de oje. Aceste oje costa mai mult decat ojele normale, pentru ca contin niste particule speciale care sunt mai scumpe decat ingredientele normale din oje. De aceea nu multe companii aleg sa fabrice tipul acesta de finisare. Au finisare lucioase . Ca acest Milani Hi-tech.

9. Neon finishes are the bright colors just like your highlighters. These need around 3 coats, and dry matte, but need a shinny top coat to give out all their beauty. Like this Essie - Bright Tights.
Finisarile neon sunt culorile acelea foarte tipatoare in genul cariocilor pentru subliniat. Acestea au nevoie de 3 straturi si se usuca mate, de aceea au nevoie de un top coat, pentru a le face lucioase si a le releva frumusetea. Ca acest Essie -Bright tights.

10. Crackle polish is mostly a top coat, to be applied on other polishes. It is a polish that cracks and lets the polish beneath show. It has to be applied pretty fast, because it dries fast, and that's how it cracks. It need a shinny top coat, because it dries matte. One coat of this polish is enough to give the desired effect. And don't forget to let the polish dry a bit before applying the crackle because otherwise it will not crack.
Oja tip crack este mai mult un top coat, care se aplica pe deasupra altor oje. Este o oja care odata aplicata crapa si lasa oja de dedesupt sa se vada. Trebuie aplicata rapid, pentru ca se usuca repede. Peste aceasta trebuie aplicat si un top coat lucios, pentru ca se usuca mata. Nu uitati sa lasati oja de baza sa se usuce destul, pentru ca altfel oja crack nu va crapa. 

11. Glitter - is a very wide range of polish, can be found in different finishes, and the glitter can be in different sizes and shapes, and colors. I can't give you precise advice on how to apply this, or how many coats it needs, because it depends on the base polish.
Ojele cu sclipici, sunt de o varietate enorma, pot varia in functie de finisarea ojei de baza, si in functie de felul de sclipici pe care il contin. Sclipiciul variaza in functie de marime, forma si culoare. 
This is an opaque glitter with bits of the same size and different colors/ Acesta e o oja cu sclipici de aceeasi marime, dar de culori diferite si opaca in 2 straturi. 

This is a transparent blueish base with holographic glitter of different sizes/ Aceasta e o oja cu sclipici intr-o baza transparenta abastruie cu sclipici de diferite forme si holografic.

12. Suede is another variation of the matte finish, which as an addition to that has a shimmer inside. It is generally opaque in two coats, and has a matte finish, so no need for top coat.
Oja catifea este o alta variatie a ojelor mate, care spre deosebire de acestea are un sidef inauntru. Sunt in general opace in 2 stratur si au o finisare mata, deci nu e nevoie de top coat.

13. Frosty - Cristina reminded me about this one. It's a mix between the shimmer and the foil category, and it is normaly opaque in two coats. Some of these might be a bit streaky. They have a natural shine. I think this is the finish I can't stand, and that's why I forgot it. I don't even remeber ever swatching one. I think this Color club - Whicked Sweet is kind of a frosty.
Perlat (as zice in romana) - Cristina mi-a amintit despre aceasta categorie. E un amestec intre sidefat si foil, este opac in 2 straturi. Unele dintre ele sunt cam lasa dare. Au luciu natural. Cred ca e categoria pe care eu nu o suport. Nici nu imi amintesc sa fi facut vreo postare despre o oja de genul asta. Va trebui sa dau un exemplu care nu e al meu. Cred ca acest Color Club- Whicked Sweet  e un pic perlat. 

There are also other variations of the finishes listed before but I don't consider them as a different category.
Mai sunt si alte variatii ale finisarilor listate mai sus, dar eu nu le consider ca fiind categorii separate. 

I guess this is it. Hope I didn't leave anything out.
Cred ca asta e tot. Sper ca nu am uitat vreo categorie. 


  1. Great post!!
    I love how you explain every single one.

  2. You took really a different approach to the "finish" theme, I really like it!!!

  3. wow, nu m-as fi gandit ca sunt atatea feluri de oje! Thanks Ruxi ca ne inveti atatea! :D


  4. Ruxi super post. Foarte educativ, nu ma gandeam ca sunt atatea categorii.
    Ma bucur ca ai revenit.

  5. very very informative post. will be bookmarking this one. coz i've enjoyed it sooo much


  6. Super postul!!!
    Dar cred ca ai uitat pearly finish(care este in opinia mea finishul sidefat), exemplui OPI Kyoto Pearl, si frost (exemplu: OPI Argentini Pinkini sau Zoya Pasha (e adevarat, nu mai sunt foarte la moda, dar exista inca)...


    1. Ms draga. L-am adaugat. Uitasem de ea ca nu suport categoria asta.

  7. foarte interesanta si utila postarea ! Mi-a placut!

  8. Great post! It's always interesting to see what divisions other people make for finishes. Some are basic, like cremes, but things like shimmers are trickier--how much to subdivide those, etc.

    1. I think eventually if we make too many categories, it all gets mixed up. And in my opinion these are all the basic finishes. The rest are just combinations.


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