Monday, February 13, 2012

Barielle - Elle's spell

I know you've all seen this probably a million times before, but this is the first time in real life for me, so I'm going to bore you with it.

First I applied it alone, and by the 4th coat it was still not opaque, so I said f*** that, I will layer it.
This is how it looks after 4 coats - still nice flakie goodness, but I am not a fan of VNL.

So I decided to apply 2 coats of OPI - Got the blues for red - you can check out the original swatch here (just for fun because it is a horrible swatch) - and then layer Elle's spell on it.
This is OPI all by itself.

And with the Barielle layered over it:


  1. This is a really beautiful fiery, flakie polish! I've just added it to my wishlist :)

  2. Beautiful! I love it layered. Looks great :)

  3. So beautiful...I'm always fascinated by flakes <3 (especially for layerings, I agree with you on VNL)!

    1. I love flakies too. I just received one more from Essie.


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