Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make up with my new Sigma brushes

I got some new brushes from Sigma a few days ago and thought I'd try them out.

The first one, and the most important one because I will use it everyday, is the one for foundation F80, it's got nice soft bristles, and it works very well, the foundation looks very natural when applied with this brush. I am very happy with this purchase. It was 16$ and I think the delivery to France was about 8$.

Along with this one I also bought the E30, which is a small blending brush, that I bought for blending in the crease, because my other blending brush is way too big. I am very happy with this one too, and it was 9$. I think these are just as good as the MAC brushes and a lot cheapper, I remember I payed for my MAC 217 blending brush 24€.

On to the make up I did. I always put a moisturiser on before applying the make up, around the eyes I use Clarins anti-rides, and on the face Avene Yysthéal+ Anti-rides. 

After I apply my foundation, which is Make up Forever HD high definition foundation. I really love this! I have used other foundations, but I always come back to this one, because it is light, and doesn't make my face look like I have tons of make up on, providing in the same time good coverage.

Around the eyes I am currently using MAC concealler Studio FPS 35. I am not really into this one, but I bought it and I have to finish it. I find it too thick, and noticeble under my eyes. I previously had HD from Make up forever, but that one is extremely expensive for 2 ml. But I was super happy with it. This one has 7gr so that's a plus, but the product is not as good.

To fix this in place I use compact powder. I prefer compact, because loose is well loose, and I always find myself cleaning up afterwards. At the moment I am using Benefit Get Even. It's ok, but I think I should have bought a different color. I have a very light skin and usually buy the lightest shade in foundation, powder etc.

Then I proceed with the eyes, I always use a primer and I prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It is the best, the shadow does not move throughout the day, and it is easy to work with.

The eyeshadow I used was Wet'n'Wild Knock on Wood. I ordered these on nonpareilboutique. These are super cheap and great quality, very soft, and well pigmented. I only used the bottom colors, because the browbone color is really too dark for me to use it as a highlighter. So the one in the middle was applied with the E30 brush.

As a highlighter I used this Rimmel:

The mascara I am using right now is Dior Extase, I fell in love with this one, and I am not letting it go.
And the eyeliner I used on my lower waterline, is a L'oreal pencil, but can't really tell you which color, because the name has dissapeared. I really love this pencil, I use it a lot.

So this is the finished look:


  1. This is a very pretty look. I love the nail polish you're wearing too ^-^

    1. Thanx, it is actually the nail polish I blogged about before this post Essie Ole Caliente


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