Saturday, December 18, 2010

Essence - Glisten up!

I wasn't expecting much from this polish, since the previous Essence wasn't that good, but it actually surprised me, the brush was just the right size and shape - contrary to the other one- it applied very easily, and dried off pretty fast. I did 3 coats because this is a transparent blue base with green flecks. I think it works better as a top coat on cream polishes, but still very pretty. I like it very much!!! The flecks look blue in the sunlight.


  1. Este un pic cam sheer pentru gustul meu, dar imi place nuanta. S-ar putea sa arate excelent peste o nuanta mai inchisa :)

  2. @sonidlo thank you very much
    @alexa da este cam sheer dar am dat peste alta oja maro si arata super!!! este ceva gen flakies de la nfu-oh

  3. very nice indeed!!
    I'll have to take a look at some of these when i go to auchan...

    (cristina - mi-am uitat parola de la contuil google)


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