Thursday, December 23, 2010

China Glaze - Mommy kissing Santa

It's just like me to get sick on my vacation, so I have a minor lung infection, and I've been caughing for 2 weeks but it didn't go further than that, but now I've got the fever and everything. So I'm taking meds again - so sick of the meds, this years I had my tonsils taken out but I suffered a great deal before taking them out and took a lot of pills.
So anyway, getting back to the subject I had been longing for such a red polish. It's got a deep shimmer red, I just fell in love.
It is easy to apply, normal drying time, and I adore the shimmer.
To make it more Chrismatssy I did a top coat of CND Jade Sparckle which is a transparent white base with green glitter that turns gold in the light.


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