Tuesday, December 7, 2010

China Glaze - Atlantis

This is a clear green base with silver glitter in it. It is really lovely to look at, but as it has lots of glitter it is kinda scratchy but I really liked it. Of course it's veryyyyyy hard to remove, so if you don't want to damn the day you bought it use a special remover. I almost forgot to tell you that this polish dries off awfully fast, I couldn't believe it, I thought that with all the big flakes in it it would take ages to dry but no, this is 3 coats and dried off super fast.

This is with the matte finish but it didn't come out so nice, it just took out all the shine in the glitter which is the charm of this polish.
It started snowing again here, it fell for a few good hours and big dense flakes.

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