Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's in my bag

Hey everyone!
I love this tag and always love seeing what's in everyone else's bag, so I thought I'd show you what's in mine.

I just got this nice Longchamp bag in the winter sale for like 45€, so it was a steal! It's this champagne colored classic shape Longchamp, with the signature imprint on it. It is a very simple bag, easy to carry around, and on the inside does not have any compartiments, it's your classic shopping bag.

I love the little details, the horseman on the flap, and the handles are made of leather. All in all, on sale I think this is really worth the investement.

On to the things inside:
- A Moleskin small notebook, for  jotting down stuff. Haven't really used it that much.
- My Coach wallet in pink - I really love it, it is very practical, the zip makes it so much easier to handle than the normal flap ones. This was a present from my father and mother in law for Christmas.
- My Rayban case that holds my Rayban Wayfarers
- A small leather pouch from Gap that holds all my small stuff, so that they don't get lost in my bag
- My Isotoner umbrella because in Paris you never know when it's going to rain, the weather changes a lot. I recently replaced my umbrella because my old one was broken and huge, and really heavy. So I was glad to find this one, it's really the smallest one I could find. And I love the colors on it.

This is what the wallet looks like inside. very practical, has lots of compartiments for your fidelity cards, and other crap.

 So in the little pink pouch I have lipsticks and lipglosses, a mirror, a handcream and my Oyster card. Now you will all wonder what am I doing with an Oyster card I don't live in London. Well I don't but we have some friends that live there, and we visit them like 3 times a year, and travelling by metro in London is cheaper with an Oyster card.

On to smaller stuff
- chewing gum off course
- my car key with the huge dog keychain
- my mp3 player and the headphones
- my house keys with the monkey keychain and cow keychain I got from my husband, and the chip keychain I got from my brother from Vegas ( Yeah I know too many keychains, but I love them)
- my Monoprix reusable bag
- my Nina Ricci pen - a present from my husband

And that's it! Hope you enjoy this post, let me know in the comments what is in your handbag.


  1. I used the Clarins embelliseur de levres too, and I love it! I always just have my phone, keys and a water bottle in my bag :)

    1. You don't carry lots of things around. I feel so lost without all my stuff.

  2. The bag is gorgeous. I also love your wallet, although I would get it in a different color, I'm not a fan of pink. :P Very interesting post. I'm wearing similar stuff in my bad as you: hand cream, lipbalm, lipgloss, my phone, camera ...

    1. Thank you Taya! The wallet was available in normal colors too, like black and brown, and also in neon orange, and neon blue.


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