Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Essie Lights and OPI - The man with the golden gun!!

Soooo excited about this one guys!!
Let's start at the beginning: I found this Essie in the sale at Monoprix, so all you girls that live in France, they had like 4 colors in the Sale. I thought this one was pretty cute, so I bought it for 6€. It is ok compared to the 12€ we normally have to pay for these here.

It is a pink neon finish nail polish, so that means it dries matte, and needs topcoat to shine. I love the color it is so pretty, but like I have found with neons don't last long in moist environements, so when I use these and go to the seaside, they peel in like a day.

And for the most exciting part I got my hands on The Man with the golden gun by OPI, that was the only polish in the Skyfall collection that I wanted, and I was not able to find this here. I don't know if anyone as come across it in France, because I looked for it everywhere and couldn't find it.

But the nicest girl Emilie from Greeneyespinknails got it for me. She lives in Switzerland, and they sell it there. She was so nice that she offered it to me for Christmas. So Thank you so much Emilie!
So you probably all know by now what this is , it is a clear base, with gold flakes in it. I absolutely adore this, it is so gorgeous, and it goes well on everything!! Really matches every color.

Here are the photos: - 2 coats of Essie - Lights, and one coat of OPI - The man with the golden gun


  1. This is gorgeous! I really like the flakes over pink. Nice combo!

    1. Thanx Mihaela! I love it too! Goes with everything and it isn't that "in yoour face" as other layering polishes.

  2. E superba oja aceasta.Am avut-o in vara intr-o cutie de la My Little Box si toata vara am purtat-o.


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