Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This months favourites

I got a lot of stuff with the 20% off promotions from Sephora, and some of them are now my favourite products.

The first thing on the list is the gel eyeliner. It has never been so easy to put on a straight line. It's been a revelation. Don't know why I insisted in using my stupid liquid eyeliner - I never got a straight line. I also bought a liner brush from mac, and it's just perfect. It's the number 210

Another thing that I am just crazy about is the Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 couleurs in number 5 Violet. It's the perfect violet palette - love every color. This comes in a beautiful red case. It's got a nice little detail C on the side, and inside has two small applicators, a wide one, and a pointy one ( not really necessary to me since I use brushes, but for those who do .....) and of course the 4 colors.

I also bought the blackest black khol liner I've ever seen - and that is the 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Perversion. It's waterproof, but it actually comes off easily with a normal make up remover. So very happy about that one too.

Just look at that black!
I bought a Dior blush, since I've never had one and it looked so cute. It's got two sides, one with a pinkish color, and the other with the peachy glow. It comes with its own brush, that I don't use, because I've got a huge Sephora blush brush.

I fell in love with this Nars eye shadow in Ondine:

And last but not least my eye pencil from L'oreal. I love their pencils, they have really pretty colors.


  1. Я невероятно рада, что ты так много стала писать о другом, не только о лаках. Читаю все с большим интересом.
    Понравилось все без исключения!

  2. O cute!!! nu vazusem creionul L'oréal! e super tare!
    Banuiesc ca ai inteles tot ce ti-a scris fata asta de mai sus ;D LOL

    1. Nu am inteles nimic. Dar o stiu pe tipa, si nu prea vb Engleza.

  3. Ruxi ce de minunatii ai cumparat. Cred ca ai o tona de cosmetice :P.


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