Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Small make up post

Hey everyone!
How was your weekend. Here it was Catholic Easter so we had monday off too. I had 3 friends over, and it was pretty crowdy in our appartement. And so you can imagine, I was really busy, doing things with them, and did not have time to write on my blog.

I am not catholic, so for me it was just a long weekend, Easter is next weekend for me, I'm orthodox. 

So you can probably remember my post about the Naked pallette here.
I use it very often, although I am not a fan of such big pallettes, because once you buy a pallette of this size with so many colors, it is clear that you are not going to love every single one. It is a great value though, because one Urban Decay eyeshadow  costs 16€, and I got it with 20% off so it was about 32€ which is the price for two individual eyeshadows.

Anyways on to the make up, it's really a very basic look, and very natural for me, since I usually put on lots more make up.

The eyeliner I used is from Kiko - very good price for a good product - 4€. The mascara is Dior Extase, my ultimate favorite mascara.

I recently bought some more products, with the 20% discount we had at Sephora, and I will be doing some reviews on them, because my nails are on a break now - they are exfoliating like crazy, and my usual treatement doesn't work any more, so I am trying something else.

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  1. Ce machiaj frumos , eu nu ma pot da cu eyeliner abia reusesc sa fac o dunga cat de cat acceptabila cu dermatograf :D


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