Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Misa - Got it made in the shade & Essence Edward

This is a cream shade, mutted mint greysh color. This is part of the Hip to Jive collection.
I already have an Essie that is very much alike this Misa.

I applied two coats and it was opaque.
The color lasted pretty much about 3 days on my nails, it wore a bit on the tips, and I had a few chips in the same places as always, were my nails exfoliate.

As I thought that it was a bit boring as color, I added a coat of Essence Edward.

And the last picture is a comparison between Essie - Da bush, and Misa- Got it made in the shade. I think they are pretty similar even in the bottle, and so if you already have one, don't bother to buy the other one.


  1. I like the "glitter" addition you made, muted colors sometimes need a boost :-)


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