Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Wednesday is back with Esssie Lady Like

It's been a while ha?
As tomorrow I'm going to the office I thought I should change my nail polish into something more work appropriate. So this is what I chose. This is part of the Carry on collection.

There's not much to say, it's just a dusty cream pink.

This was 2 coats:

And another thing I recently bought is a Mac lipstick. I really wanted the Paul&Joe catpaw lipstick in Catwalk but I thought 22€ was a bit too much. So I found this one that was close to it - basically I wanted a coral orangy pink lipstick. I watched some reviews on youtube and this one looked like it was what I was looking for.

So here it is: 

And this is the lipstick in action (sorry about the crappy pictures but I've never taken pictures of my face).

Artificial light

Natural light
I like the lipstick, it's pretty creamy, but the smell ..... leaves a lot to be desired. I think that amongst all the lipsticks I've tried, Mac lipsticks smell the worst. I don't know why all the hype about these. It smells like it's expired, and I've checked, it's not, and it's not the first Mac lipstick I buy and they all smell the same. Maybe it's just me. Do any of you feel this way?


  1. I feel the same way about MAC lipsticks...I don't really get the hype either.

  2. Wow!!! I'm so happy to see you're back posting :)

  3. That shade looks very nice on you, very appropriate for work.
    The lipstick is so pretty and I love the pictures!

  4. Oh I've been craving Essie polishes forever. Perhaps one day I'll get one. Never tried MAC lipstick, so no idea. But it looks nice :)

  5. Emilie - I really don't get it, these are not the best products out there
    Aly-thank you it's good to be back
    Carolina - thanx you always have something nice to say
    Olivia- why weren't you able to get some Essie? I order them on Transdesign, they deliver world wide, and now Essies are at 4$

  6. They are still selling them for 4$? I thought that was over?!!

  7. They were selling them for 8$ and then on friday I noticed that they were down at 4, so I bought some. And I checked they are still at 4$


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