Friday, November 4, 2011

Essie -Very Structured

Have you had enough Essie already? No? Well here's another one!

This one is part of the fall collection Carry On 2011.

I think this is one of my favourites! It's a brick red cream, more on the brown side.

This was two coats, great application, great wear, and great everything!!

And bonus a photo of Mumu with his new cat pillow, that I bought on Etsy at this store These things are amazing! My cat loves it, it's got an end filled with cat nip and he licks it like a maniac. The store owner even put Mumu on their page here he is:

Ladies here are the photos:


  1. I like this color very much!
    Mumu is adorable!!

  2. This is such a nice color ! It looks like chocolate.

  3. This is my kind of color but it looks great on you! And that is SUCH a cute kitty!

  4. oh darn i have so many brown and now i like this one too :) Happy Autumn


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