Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Essie - Braziliant

I know I've posting a lot of Essies but I ordered like a ton of them. I really love them lately. But be sure some other goodies are on their way. I have also preordered the new collection from CultNails which you too can order here: http://shop.cultnails.com/Super-Powers-Collection-PRE-SALE-Only-9569.htm
I think it's a good deal considering that these retail for 10$ normally. And this collection includes Unicorn Pule in it's new name Clairvoyant.

So about this post's polish, it's part of the collection with the same name from this year. It's an bright orange cream with pink shimmer. I loved it, but I'm more of an orange cream girl.

This was two coats, and it lasted about 3 days with no chipping, but you can't really take that into consideration since my nails are a bit exfoliated right now, and on those exact spots I got the chips.

The photos are right under here:


  1. It is unusual to see such varnish in such season. At me today has dropped out a lot of snow, and here such summer positive

  2. Antalles - I want to hold on to summer
    Nailderella - thanx!

  3. Beautiful swatches. This was my favorite for summer.

  4. I love this one! So bright and happy.

  5. Mina, Laura, Carolina - thanx a lot!!

  6. I never tried Essies so far! Their latest releases are really tempting, anyway.
    I pre-ordered Super Powers, too! Can't wait to try Maria's polishes...


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