Friday, November 12, 2010

Produits MAC

I bought my first Mac products and I can say that I'm a fan!!
We never had these in Roumania, but now in France I can buy them. At the beginning I thought that they were expensive, but compared to Chanel or Dior they are not that expensive. So here they are.
So the foundation is Mineralize Satin finish it was about 28 euro.
It's good quality foundation, transfer resistant, and good coverage but I don't like the texture as much as I liked the Make up Forever one that I had before.

I also bought a concealer which I really like, it has good coverage for my very violet rings around the eyes. The name is studio finish concealer and it needs a brush for application. It was 15 euro.

The mascara is for long and separated lashes. It's called zoom lash and I picked black, I never wear any other colour on my lashes. 18 euro

The lipstick is from their Frost collection end the colour is Gel A69. I don't really like the colour, but in the strong lighting they had in the boutique it seemed to be something else. It smells good and it is hydrating but it's just not the right colour. 17 euro.

And finally the nail polish is from their winter collection, which is gorgeous by the way, and as I am a fan of blue I picked "Ming blue".14 euro.

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  1. yahoooooo!!!
    Modelite has a similar blue in its collection.
    Very nice!!!


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