Thursday, November 4, 2010

Commande Elf

Long time no post.
I've been quite busy latelly, I found a job and had a lot of work to do, went to Marocco and other stuff. Anyways I wanted to show you my order of Elf products. These are a line of cosmetics that I discovered wondering through my forums and sites, and they actually have a line of products that all cost 1 euro. So I bought 9 nailpolishes and a make up blending brush. I can tell you that for the price they cost the products are pretty good actually. You can order here:
Here they are:
This is Light Pink



Punk Purple

Hot Pink

Mod Mauve

And last but not least MintChampagne

I Promiss I will try them all out and show you how they look on the nails.
And for the end a picture of Mumu the vegeterian cat.

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  1. Hello! It's meeeeee :)
    I'll make a more accureat comment later... this is my lunch break and i only have an hour to do lots of thisng (too many!)




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