Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gold Gradient

Hello everyone!
Hope your day is going well. I am hoping to get rid of some nail polish, to only keep my favourites, and do some nailart posts rather then just swatches. But I will still do swatches whenever I get new nail polish.

Today's post is a gradient I did using as a base Orly's Ola, and on top Milani Gold Glitz.

I love the base color, corals, oranges and other combinations of the two are really my favourite colors for nail polish. This Milani is one of the one coat glitters. I love the way they look together hope you like it too.


  1. lovely gradient, looks like you dipped your tips in glitter :D

  2. I love the gradient! I think it's perfect for the holidays. I've been seeing a lot of gold gradients, so it's making me want to do one as well. :)


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