Monday, November 12, 2012

Butter London - Disco Biscuit

As some of you who follow me on IG have seen, I only have one Butter London, that Carolina sent me from the states, because we can't find these polishes in France.

I love everything about these polishes!! I am totally in love! The shape of the bottles is to die for, the brush is great, the formula is excellent, and so on.

The color I chose is a red to fuchsia jelly with little blue sparkles. The color on its own needs about 4 coats to get it opaque, so I decided to apply it over a similar pink cream - Kiko 313. I applied one coat of the Kiko, and on top of that one coat of Disco Biscuit. This polish needs topcoat, since it dries a bit gritty.

It lasted very well on me for like 4 days, no chips. It lasted 4 days, because I decided to take it off, cause you know me I get bored, not because it chipped.

Here are the photos:


  1. This color looks so pretty on you, I'm very happy that you are enjoying it.

  2. LOVE this color! the blue shimmer is so cool, this polish is always gonna be one of my favorites (:

    1. Oh yeah I love it too! Such an original nail polish

  3. Really beautiful! I hope I'll be able to add a Butter London to my stash, sooner or later...


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