Sunday, October 14, 2012

KIKO 390 1 Kleancolor 197

Hello my pretties!!
As you may have seen in my IG post from yesterday I had a green polish on my nails some days ago. Well that polish was KIKO 390, that I picked up at their store a while ago.

It is a green polish, with white frost in it, but very subtle, it isn't the ugly type. I really liked it in the bottle, and on my nails, it was a bit bla, because my skin tone does not appreciate all green nailpolish.

This one is a good formula, it was opaque in two coats, and the color went on smoothly. But all kikos have good formula, we've all noticed that.

I added a coat of Kleancolor 197 which is a holo, and burgundy glitter, in a small round shape. I reall didn't think much of this one at the begining, but I noticed that it goes well on most colors, and I am starting to love it, but the thing with these polishes is the odour. It stincks.

Here are the photos:

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