Monday, October 15, 2012

KIKO 373

This is my favourite, from the 3 KIKOs I bought last.
It is a beautiful brown cream, with copper shimmer. It's so very pretty, and I find it to be a very good autumn color.This one also got a huge reaction on Instagram, everybody liked it. My IG id is uneruxiaparis, if it is of any interest to any of you.

It went on smoothly like all the other Kiko polishes I own, and was opaque in two coats. The shimmer is very visible, even in the shade, so no need for sunlight.

This lasted me about 4 days with no chips, and no major tipwear, and only because I took it off, because you know me I get bored.Oh and I had to phile my nails down, they started to exfoliate.

*I forgot to tell you that I was told that this looked very much like OPI - Wooden Shoe Like To Know? but unfortunately I do not own that one, so I can't make a comparison for you. I do have a Mavala that resembles though, but I will have to compare these in another post. I don't think they're dupes. Here is a link to the Mavala post 

Here are the photos, hope you enjoy!


  1. Oh, this is very pretty. It's already on my WL. ;)

    1. I should have gotten one for you too, but since it wasn't on your list, I didnt know if you would enjoy the color.

  2. Oh that is really pretty and interesting!


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